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Learn about the relationship between adidas and fashion
Learn about the latest popular products and collaborations by adidas
Understand the market status of the adidas brand
Explore latest trends and styles by adidas

These are the 6 top pick sneakers from the survey. Throughout the research, adidas Originals NMD sneaker received the most support with 57.79% of support. Kanye West's Yeezy Boost line received 52.60% of support, while 28.57% for Stan Smith, 27.27% for Tubular, and 18.83% of support for Gazelle. There are also several product lines that didn't make up on the chart: Superstar (13.64%); ZX Flux: 8.44%.; and Other (18.18%).

These are the top 3 artists and their collaborations that received the most support from the survey. Kanye West's Yeezy collaboration received the most support with 75.84%. No.2 is the Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 collaboration which received 50.34% of support, and 39.60% of support for Pharrell Williams' collaborations on Superstar, Stan Smith and Hu. There are also other artists who has been collaborating with the adidas Originals brand: 28.19% of support for Rick Owen's collaboration with the brand; 18.79% of support for Alexander Wang; 2.68% for Rita Ora and 18.12% for Other collaborations.

These are the top four social media sites for adidas followers. Instagram has got 54.43% of followers, while 44.30% of people follow the adidas brand on Twitter. It is a little surprising that Twitter has got more followers than on Facebook ( 27.85%), though many people think Twitter is dying. While Youtube has got only 11.39% of followers on the adidas brand.

Here is comes with the detail analysis on the specific product, and here is for the NMD sneaker. There are top picks by countries which shows the popularity of the sneaker by regions and top picks by ages which shows by demographics. So far, there are 44 people from America support this pair of sneaker, while 61 people with the age under 20 support this pair. Besides, there are 4 fun facts about the sneaker on the right side along with the summary down below. 

Here comes the detail analysis on the Yeezy boost. From the chart we see there are 40 people from the US support this pair, while 10 people from Canada, 9 from the UK and only 1 from Germany. Meanwhile, there are 52 people under the age 20 pick this pair as their favourites, while 19 people from the age range 21 to 29 pick it as their favourites and 4 people from the age 30+ . In the summary, we see both positive and negative reviews about the product.

Here comes the Ultra Boost sneaker. This pair is by far Germany's top pick sneakers throughout the whole survey which has 7 people from Germany pick this pair as their favourites. The summary down below kinda match the fun facts on the right side: the sneaker is the one of the most comfortable pair ever, thanks to the boost technology. And also, it became one of the main contributions to Ultra Boost's commercial success.

Next, is the adidas Stan Smith sneaker. The sneaker first debuted in 1965, and has sold over 40 million pairs since its debut. And turns out, Stan Smith has become the most successful adidas sneaker of all time, and it is also the best-selling adidas sneakers of all time. From the review, we see what people appreciate the most about the sneaker is their clean, simple and classic design which match any styles.

Next, comes with the adidas Tubular sneaker. The sneaker has come to be one of the successful sneakers of adidas in terms of its unique style and the innovative design. And generally, most people from the survey really appreciate how adidas integrate both sports and fashion into the design of the Tubular sneaker. 

Last but not least, is the adidas gazelle sneaker.  According to the survey, many people pick this pair as their favourite because of its simplistic style of design. The sneaker is one of the most popular adidas sneakers in fashion industry. The latest campaign of the gazelle sneaker features the super model Kate Moss, and it is made in a fresh collage style, which makes this old-school pair of sneaker fresher than ever. Moreover, it is also most women's top picks.

Here comes with the detail analysis on the artists and their collaborations with the adidas brand. The No.1 is definitely Kanye West's Yeezy collaboration, which has got the most support from the US and from young people under 20 as well. From the chart we see there are 70 people with age under 20 support the collaboration in the survey. However, there are also some negative reviews. Many people think the Yeezy line is pretty boring, and the collaboration is overrated and super hyped in the social media. 

No.2 collaboration is Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 collaboration. The Y-3 collab has definitely brought sports fashion to a whole new level. The innovation on both style and technology also brought a new vision to what we think as sports fashion. Its latest collection has become one of the main focuses in paris fashion week.

The No.3 is the Pharrell Williams'. Pharrell Williams actually works on many different collaborations with adidas. What people like about the most is the message behind the collaborations that is inspiring, motivational and cultural. However, there are some negative feedbacks as well, for people think the products are pretty overpriced. 

Last but not least, is the analysis on social media. Generally, adidas received a huge success on many different social media platforms, mostly thanks to those high profile collaborations along with different music artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Back in 2015, the Originals brand received 78.8 million likes on Instagram, which came to be the top of the sneaker world in the year of 2015. And it is getting more and more attentions from all around the world.